Monday, July 27, 2015


The bright living room. They use wide-angle lenses, these deceptive, realtors
so I know this will be much smaller than it looks in this photo when I see it.

The balcony. YES!

The view from the suite.

This is where I would put my office. Right by a small patio.

This place is $400 grand. Imagine. That's vancouver for you. But I am interested.

Kurt Vonnegut had “ethical suicide parlors” in Slaughterhouse Five.  You’d go in and be escorted to a pleasure chamber where you reclined in an ultra comfortable chair. Then, your favourite music would play while you watched images of your favourite things, and then, after eating your favourite foods for your last meal, you would drift off to eternal sleep.

If we had them here, I’d have booked in yesterday. Instead, I visited one of our ethical marijuana dispensers to cope put the mid-day meltdown behind me.

Today, Monday, I feel clearer and a little more resigned to this move. I am very, very grateful for the advice of friends who have helped me stay sane and focused on the goal. They have been encouraging and tremendously supportive.

I have abandoned plans for a second bedroom but remain committed to a patio or balcony. And after mapping my behavior for a week, I now know that between 80% and 85% of my time is spent at this desk so my office space is of critical importance to the decision about where to live.

So is where I put my aquarium. More (cheaper) places to visit today. And, we are scheduled to sign the movie option agreement today.

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