Saturday, July 18, 2015


This looks like a shot from Spinal Tap but it
is me in a wig made by my friend Christine. I
visited her briefly on Friday because she is a
delight and does the most amazing work.
Between May 1 and June 15th last year we had 137 mm of rain. The average amount for that time period since we have been keeping records is 111 mm. This year, we have had only 11 mm since May 1 and there is no rain in the foreseeable future.

Consequently, because every day is conducive and inspirational, I walk and now I am living with the consequences. My legs have little fat. They are lean and my muscles are taught, so every morning is high, high risk for killer cramps—from thigh to toes. And I have a very sensitive left hip.

And then there’s my damn toe. I stubbed it on my bed months ago and broke it. The nail, of course, came off, but it appears to have set in a way that makes long walks more of a challenge than they have been in the past. All these things have me taking more buses.

Today I am going to Bowen Island to visit with friends. There is a lovely and affordable place, centrally located, for sale. But today I know what everyone has been telling me since I started looking for a quieter, cleaner and more serene place to live: Island live is likely not for me.

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