Sunday, July 19, 2015


I want to start a band and dress like this.

I went to hippie land this morning—the Folk Festival is happening in Jericho Park. I have lived here all my life and never attended the festival. It was a spectacular day for the festival and Cathy and I got there just as it opened.

It is a huge village. We were able to go into the part where there are a zillion booths selling tie-dyed clothing, beads, drums, sacred stones, meditation—everything but macramĂ©. And we were able to hear the music. I cannot imagine attending. For one thing, you would just bake in the sun.

I walked Cathy to the site via the Kits seawall that she knew nothing about. And so, when she expressed hunger, I took her to the Jericho sailing school cafeteria and we ate on their deck. It is right on the tide line of the beach; the view is 230° of unbelievable. She’ll be going back.

Tonight: Dinner in Dianne’s backyard with Mog and DR (both women). I am taking a Panama hat and champagne. I intend to get bubbly. It is too stinking hot to do anything else.

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