Friday, July 17, 2015

Thursday Dinner with Costin and Marina

"Fish Boy" (Costin, the young man who comes every two weeks to work on my aquarium) is a a fabulous man and he loves to cook. I really enjoy the company of men like Costin and my friends Todd and Dwight who are "men's men" and who are rich with creative skills and empathy. We had gourmet burgers last night, that he bar-b-qed and I love to have at least one bar-b-q experience each summer.

Costin's wife, Marina, is equally as appealing and together we had a fun, fun night. I feel so privileged and kind of blessed to have built this friendship with two (very young) wonderful people.

I took champagne and the currant and blueberry tart (below) for my contributions to the meal.

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