Thursday, July 30, 2015


New shorts that I love.

Steve (my ex) and his partner, Tim, are here and they are keeping me busier than I am used to being. But at least the viewing of condos is over. 

Yesterday I had my meeting with my financial advisor about financing my move. It lasted mere minutes because she showed me how much in penalties I would have to pay to cash my investments in order to buy first and sell second. She told me to sell first and then buy, but doing that limited me to a lateral move and I have been planning on a "step up" so that I can have a patio/balcony and maybe a second bedroom.

In other words: If I want to invest less in stocks and bonds (or whatever my money is invested in) and more in real estate, then I have to wait until 2016 for my funds to mature.

I instantly embraced her advice and advised the realtor. And you know what? I was so happy I fell asleep last night on a balcony right in front of the fireworks. The stress is over—at least for a year. I love my current condo and am very, very, very happy to spend another year here. Come winter, when windows are open less, the construction noise and dust will be less onerous.

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