Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surprise: Liking the Smoke

The photos above are rather remarkable in that I happened on the canoe on the shore. Nothing particular was going on, some native rowers were just out for a row from North Vancouver and they had landed where they could walk up and get snacks, but….

They landed right where the first native settlements were in the earliest days of settlement in Vancouver and only someone born here, like me, would know what they were seeing.  This canoe is about 50 meters from where the last native graves are in the park.
Wednesday involved shopping for a dinner I am making for friends tonight and taking time to revel in the pleasure of no responsibilities. I walked the wall and it continued to feel Fall-ish due to the presence of wood smoke—smoke that makes a fairly effective filter of heat and ultra-violet and infra-red rays. Walking was really pleasureful today; in fact, I liked the smell of the smoke because it reminds me so strongly of my young years when we burned leaves without compunction outdoors.

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