Tuesday, June 30, 2015

About Tuesday and John

“I will never forget today,” he said. He was referring to our walk together around the seawall. “He” is John, a 48-year old pilot, 17-year Navy veteran (air craft carrier pilot) who is currently serving his 17th year as a commercial pilot with United Airlines. He is a father of 8-year old twins and he introduced himself to me because of my legs… and my shoes.

Earlier this week, my friend Leslie said something about my legs and a while back, so did another woman. They are, I realize thanks to their comments, buff due to all my walking. But I cannot see the backs of my legs so I never knew.

John is an ultra-marathoner. He is a serious amateur athlete and during a work-related stopover in Vancouver he chose to walk the seawall because of injuries he currently has from a fall off a bike in a marathon. He saw my legs first; then he saw my shoes. I have Koda shoes because my orthotics team recommended them. John he has them because a lot of elite athletes use them.

John's opening line to me on the wall was: "Excuse me buddy, but are you an elite athlete?" If you know me you will understand why I almost burst out laughing when he said that. But we got into talking and we wound up walking together for two hours. I will never forget it either. No last names, no: “here’s my email;” I didn’t even take his picture for this blog.

We both had a thoroughly unexpected and delightful time in each other’s company. And we could not be more unalike. But what an incredibly wonderful and uplifting experience meeting him was. He made me feel so alive and healthy of heart. What a wonderful experience this stranger delivered to me today.

I will never forget today.
When warren and I got our first contract from Shavick Entertainment, we had eighteen concerns, some of them serious.  We met with producer Brad and talked things through and then we received a new contract. Today, Warren and I went over the new contract. We have one concern that is not at all troublesome so we are ready to sign and celebrate.

I remain completely smitten with Warren. I love every experience with him. Today we—one of us raised Jewish, one of us raised Catholic and neither of us comfortable with our understanding of God—had an enriching and challenging talk about God, children and death. I yearn for more.

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