Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Walk

I did it. I walked the seawall… well most of it. And it wasn't easy. At first I was lacking in faith due to the pain in my foot. But I persevered, thinking, I'll just go to Lost Lagoon. Then: I'll just go to the totem poles. But then it got less painful and I pressed on making lots of stops to read from my New Yorker before doing another lap of walking. As long as I can walk, I'll take it. I may recover; I may not. My walking may be forever compromised, but at least I can walk.

My new super-orthopedic shoes and the
guy who follows me everywhere.

My new favourite place for lunch. It's expensive but the
food is the best fast food in the park (See below) and there
is great seating and a washroom. Plus there was a totally
delightful chansonnier singing very French salon songs.  

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