Sunday, June 14, 2015

Know Thyself

Friend Beth found this in the NYT Book Review of Oliver Sack’s new memoir On the Move. The reviewer is Andrew Sullivan,, who writes of Sacks:

Though he is not at ease in the world, Sacks wants its notice; his face has appeared on the cover of several of his books, as it does, rather fetchingly, on this one. The poignancy of this shy exhibitionism permeates this book. He describes one of his patients has having a “compulsion to be seen and shown, to exhibit himself, but also to hide from sight”; he could be describing himself.

Beth thinks the above applies to me — the “shy exhibitionism” in particular, I suspect. I’d be proud to know she is correct if it links me to Mr. Sacks whom I have idolized for many years. And, to understand oneself by means of an observation by Andrew Sullivan is something to value as well.

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