Saturday, June 6, 2015

Now the Hard Part

The openings are over. Last night went quite well. Thursday night there may have been 60 people; last night there may have been 45 or so.

The North Shore News never covered the show I did in the early 1980s even though it was called North Shore Live, got a rave revue in Variety and toured Canada. Trudeau is not getting any local coverage either.

People are saying nice things, but what else can they do, right?  Still, I think there is some genuine delight in the learning, the oddness of the form and in realizing you can make an entertainment out of a true story.

Joel Wikurnen came last night; he is a co-founder of The Flame where I got my start as a storyteller.

So now the hard part starts: Playing to teeny weeny houses. I was wrong to do this for eight shows I think, but we are committed now and I will have as much fun as I can doing it.

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