Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Okay … problems.  There was a bit of tension on the boards today because poor David is having trouble getting off book. We persevere and I am loving the process.

And now that I have my lines, I am keen to continue the development of Loranger & Associates Elaborate Storytelling Theatre Company.

To produce Knock Knock cost me $17,000 because I gave all the box office to a charity. If I had kept the box office, I would have spent about $3,000. I hired a director, the fabulous Shawn Macdonald, who was the artistic boss, but as producer, I had a strong voice and felt confident going into performances.

Trudeau will cost me about $800, but I am not in control and it has been done in a way I would not have considered. And then there is the issue of David and his struggle with the lines. It is an interesting exercise to be part of something that feels less that it could and should be, to be frank.

But the pluses still outweigh the minuses.

I passed this pink Dogwood on the way
to the theatre this morning.
David and Lois play themselves as well as
Basil and Vivicean. When they are playing
themselves, they read their lines. 
You can see the model of Presentation House that my friend
John built upstage centre. Lois is positioning it.

Lois, as Vivicean, makes notes in her script.

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Oho said...

OMG, Chris - almost show time! I am so excited for you and your crew and I salute all your perseverance, creativity and joie de vivre. You get a standing ovation from me - so, so wish I could be there!