Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The Rose Garden, UBC, looking west where
I rested Monday afternoon.
I am stunned by this shot of trees and weeds
(Fireweed). I love the density of the greenery.
Click to enlarge.
Monday was all about worrying about my foot. The day was weird. Standing hurt; walking hurt but I decided to go for a slow walk with lots of rests.

When I started out I kept adjusting my shoes, tying them tighter or loosening them as I tried to find a way of walking without pain. The weirdest part of the morning was realizing that after resting, my foot felt worse and that led to me asking myself: If rest makes things worse, what if I just kept walking?

I theorized that resting (and sleeping at night) permitted the bones of my feet to go into a "rest" position and that standing and walking using my orthotics forced them back into a "use" position. So in the early afternoon, after a long rest at UBC, I kept walking through the pain and voilà, that worked. Still, when I stopped the pain returned.

But this morning, I feel great relief and hope because standing and walking are far less painful today.

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