Friday, June 19, 2015

Feet; Chairs, Contract.

This morning I went back to Paris Orthotics for a reassessment and it was great. I have new orthotics and new shoes (2 pair) that have been developed specifically for people with Morton's, Plantars Fasciitis and/or Arthritis. All that and hope for better foot days ahead (again). God, I love Paris Orthotics and the aids they have.

Then I went to the Bay and topped up my porcelain dinnerware at the Bay. It was for sale at 40%-Off because they are discontinuing it there. Yes! Bargains!

Then I went to Restoration Hardware and ordered four new dining room chairs. See above. They are magnificently comfortable, the ideal for my guests when I am cooking. And I expect to get back to cooking with no all-consuming project on my plate.

Then, I got the contract for Uncle Gus' Monkey. A contract (Option Agreement) and letter of intent about billing. And a clear indication that this is it: We sign or we pass. We will most definitely sign.  Now we wait to see if Shavick can raise the money they need to film it, but first Warren, Janet and I celebrate with a dinner at Hawkworth.

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