Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Morning

Here we go: Tech rehearsal today and perhaps a run afterward, definitely our first run with costumes is tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night we expect a tiny preview audience. Thursday: Who knows during the day, but there is a big audience for the Thursday night fundraiser.

Yesterday I barely looked at my script. I walked the seawall, ate half a watermelon and did errands. It was partly a day of rest, partly a day of preparation for "war."

I am back to old habits. For weeks, I was sleeping like a normal person, but now I am back to my decades old habits of tiring very early, and rising as astoundingly early. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 but I awoke at 1:00 am and alert.

Still awake at 2:00, I got up and took a little bit of marijuana (I don’t smoke it), to relax and it worked. At 3:00 I fell asleep again until almost 5:30 and thank God. I am afraid to take Atavan, which is what I usually take, because I don’t think my lines will come during rehearsals if I do.

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