Friday, June 5, 2015

Opening Night #1: Post Mortem

There are two openings: Last night was the Presentation House fund raiser and tickets were twice their normal price. Tonight is the papered house opening; tonight, for me, is the real opening but the scary part is missing because of last night. Tonight will simply feel like a party to me. Steve is coming again, with friends, and we are taking a Diplomat cake from the Bon Ton and champagne for afterwards.

Last night was a rich, rich experience. I blew a cue right off the top, and missed one in the second act but the audience has no idea I don’t think. The audience definitely adds an element of suspense to the experience.

But I feel it went well. Of course my impression is based on the feedback I get and who’s going to go out of there way to come to me to say what a piece of shit it is? No one. But I could sense the heart-felt sincerity of many very kind comments.

Steve very kindly arrived early with gorgeous red roses, champagne and (my favourite) watermelon. He knows me like no one else. My dear Mary-Lou brought a bag of licorice because she knows what I love.

There were plenty of laughs, a few gasps and people welcomed the insight into the history and the process of making public programming work.

In the program, Kim has written: “I think this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. We trust and like each other.” I think this is code and further evidence of his acceptance of the idea of me becoming a kind of playwright in residence. I lost confidence in the plan, but it is coming back because of the confidence and encouragement of others. So a re-write of Harridan is next.

Whooppee, I am back on track. I can hardly wait to start the process all over again. Harridan can be saved and make it to the stage.

And one thing is clear: I am fine am in performance. My “elaborate storytelling” is accepted and, not only that, appreciated. People like the speed of my deliver, my choices of anecdotes and my delivery. In the prologue I say: Oh, and I should dispel and misconceptions you have that I cast some spell, ‘cause I ain’t no actor, I’ve just stories to tell.”

I function as proof of the story. I also say: “…. These stories are true—true, at least, from my point of view….”

So I am officially taking on this title/concept for my productions—it's a joke: The Loranger & Associates Elaborate Storytelling Theatre Company. My associates so far are already many: Shawn Macdonald, John Mitchell, Warren Kimmel, Susan Anderson, Kim Selody, Lois Anderson and David Warburton.

This is fun. As I say, I am excited again about Harridan, but first, a rest.

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