Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Morning; Day Off

Lines I like in the show:

“That’s it. It’s not much of a story really/ She came. She danced. We lost money. She left.”

I cannot be part of a capability inversion such as you propose I am afraid.”

“Obscene, Vivicean? Really?”

It is times like this that I miss having an intimate relationship. Going through technical rehearsals and then opening is so intense—especially the opening. But this time, I have a surrogate; Steve, my ex arrives from L.A. on the afternoon of opening night.

We kind of have two openings and he is here for both of them. The first one is a fundraiser for Presentation House and it costs more. The second one is the one to which they invite their freebie list for opening nights, so at least we have two good houses (out of eight).

We are down to eight performances, which is great: Two runs of Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and then a Sunday matinee.

So: Trudeau, the Felons & Me, at eight performances, is twice as long as Knock Knock was, so the Chris Tyrell Loranger elaborate storytelling company is growing.

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