Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I am Obsessed

All I think about is this show now. I am okay with that. I did this for the experience, to feel wholly alive and that is happening. I am free of control of the overall experience the audience will have—that is in Kim, the director's hands. But…

Once I enter and step on the stage, I am in control. The actors, the stage manager, the dresser and the technician in the booth are all “in standby mode,” waiting for their next cue to cue the actors, enter, change the lighting or to add sound and/or prepare a costume for assumption by an actor.  I am “in control” until I give that next cue.

Almost every time I speak, I have a lengthy monologue. There are short monologues as well, but I rarely interact with the other actors. There is, perhaps, four lines of interaction between me and an actor in the 110-minute play. So if I choose to ad lib in any of the monologues, I can, as long as I end on the cue.

Will I do it? I itch to in a couple of places, and as the overall tone slips due to David’s reliance on the script, I am more and more likely to loosen up under the circumstances and go off script sometimes.

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