Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tuesday: Preview Night

Asthma issues Monday night ahead of going back to work yesterday; a migraine last night. And today may be even more brutal than yesterday. It all depends on David. Lois is off book; David is miles from being even close and we have a tiny invited audience tonight. It could be creepy but once I step on that stage, there is no going back no matter what happens.
I am likely to go ahead with The Hater & The Harridan.  I am back on track. I lost faith in it and everything for a while when I thought I would never get my lines, but I am doing just fine now, and we have an excellent prompting system in place with which I am very comfortable. I believe that the ease with which I am managing this time is entirely due to structural improvements in my writing learned from Knock Knock.

Gillian, the teacher at Cap College, has said that we can meet between June 8 and June 15, so if she gets in touch, I will proceed in my discussions with her. Working with her and her students would mean getting free music and choreography for the songs in the show.

After all this sewing and building of props and costumes and memorizing for Trudeau, getting back to just writing sounds wonderful—and so simple: just eight fingers, one thumb and a computer.

I know Harridan has a good basic structure and the songs are strong. With luck, I can bring life to the script. I am stoked to try after seeing what Lois and David have brought to the characters of Basil and Vivicean. It feels truly magical/spiritual to me.

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