Tuesday, June 30, 2015

About Monday

I walked the wall late because of a fire inspection here at my condo, and I paid for the delay because it was hot! It was 30° yesterday with no wind. On Sunday, 36 temperature records were broken by new all-time highs. May was our driest, sunniest on record. I suspect we will hear today or tomorrow that June was the same.

I went shopping after the walk and came home to make a tart-aux-pommes for me and one for my neighbour, plus a nice fresh and cool salad for dinner. It was a lovely day, especially in that there were no moments of existential angst.

This is the lot beside my building. A new
condo tower is being built so for the next
18 months there is noise from 7:30 am to 3:30
pm every day and an abundance of dust.
This is a lovely oasis in the West End where
I see only people of my generation outside.
One of the tarts I made last night. A nice touch
this time was adding a tiny bit of red food
colouring to the water in which I soften the
apple slices to make the rosette in the middle.

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