Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday: Day Off #1

I took the Seabus over to Presentation House to get my phone and then walked through North Vancouver to the Lions Gate Bridge, over the bridge and down the cliff path to the seawall under the bridge, then along the seawall, back through the park and home. I walked, with a few short stops in the shade, for just short of five hours on a perfect day.

I thanked Nicole for my phone and the vendors for the food I bought on the way home. Otherwise, I did not speak to anyone.
This is the view I will remember. Before each show, I sit in
the shade or the sun to review my lines and this is what I
see as people arrive for the show. 

Under the leaf of Gunnera. 

Wild Rose.
Costumes awaiting the actors quick change
for scene eight reflected in the front door
of Presentation House.

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