Monday, June 5, 2017

A Busy Week

Yesterday my email went wonky and I lost all my contact information too.
I remember when I used to panic over computer glitches like this, but no more. I managed to somehow restore my contacts and this morning my “rent-a-genius” comes to fix it.
After nine days in a row hardly seeing anyone not in clinical practice, I have a busy social week this week up.  I’ve my usual therapy appointments but the most important thing that happens this week is that Bruce comes home tomorrow. He’s been gone for over three months and he had a bad stroke when he was in Ravenna a month ago.  
Second: From today until Wednesday I’ve hired Colin, the editor/dramaturge, for an appraisal of my script. Third: Tonight I take Caryn to dinner at Ancora to thank her for getting me into the Arts Club’s Summer Reading Program. It was her idea and her doing. She is also a close friend of Bruce’s so we’ll be dining together on the eve of his return.
On Wednesday, we Wholesters (seven of us) do Stanley Park; on Thursday I have lunch at Le Crocodile (my favourite place for lunch) with two friends whom I’ve known since grade one.
In the time between, I’ll be re-writing this week and Dwight comes to make the hinge for the back panel of the defiant dress that I’ll install and then it’ll be done except for the work Dwight has to do getting it mounted onto its stand. Meanwhile, I start the fortune cookie dress.
After that, I know I want to do a wedding dress and I know what it will look like. But I don’t know what to do about the menopause dress.
And suddenly I’m thinking: Puberty Dress and Pregnancy Dress. I can’t stop.
I am going ahead with the Fortune Cookie Dress because I want a Chinese presence. The other dresses are all about the show concept and the representation of the different stages of womanhood and roles they play: The wedding dress, menopause, puberty and pregnancy dresses.
I’ve some pondering to do. Do I want to do and have fifteen dresses? Where will they go? At least all this has come up when I have a chance to talk about it with professionals who’ve read my script: Colin and Rachel.

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