Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Cookies Have Landed

I am very happy with the paper cookies. Of course they had to be red and as God is in the details, I have put the tiniest little hearts on each one. TINY! 
To make them, I first have to find and write the proverbs, print them onto white paper, cut them out and glue them onto cut out (matching sized) pieces of red paper that then hole punch so as to be able to attach the golden thread and red pompom — and that's just the fortunes. (See previous post.)
The cookies are drawn red circles, hand cut, folded, glued, folded again, glued again and then the worst part: Adding the teeny weeny heart. Then I fold and insert the fortune. 
This will take forever. It's mundane and repetitive and boring and I could not be happier. This is the kind of work I crave.
The plan is to build an armature of chopsticks and then attach the cookies in a way that makes it easy to pull the fortunes out without damaging the cookies.

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