Friday, June 2, 2017

Plan C

Thursday was a productive day. I’m almost finished the breastplate but Dwight may have found reason for me to change the whole piece. He’s given me a hint of criticism; I really value his opinion and I have all the time in the world to make any changes he suggests. I suspect he is going to want the piece to be coloured green/brown because it’s a mixed metaphor at present.
Today I finish the breastplate, start on the back plate and the script goes to Colin.
If the Arts Club rejects me all is not lost: I’ll have a property-heavy script for which all the major properties are built and it’ll have the benefit of Colin’s input and the Arts Club’s. I’ll address the deficiencies the Arts Club reveals and seek a producing partner. That ‘s my Plan C.
So a favourite brush went down my kitchen drain and that led to me trying to figure out how to get it out — and that led to me taking all the pipes out under the sink because… well never mind. But I got my Boy Scout Plumbing Badge today.
One of the quirky uncomfortable symptoms I have is feeling very uncomfortable when people are walking behind me so I use laneways and side streets as often as I can. But when I have to go on the high street for shopping I am always stepping into a doorway or backing against the wall to let people pass.
The other symptom involves my left arm and hand. Unless I think about it all the time, my hand will make a tight fist, curl at the wrist and then the whole arm will curl up against my body and twist and shake. It’s a progressive problem; the more anxious I am, the worse my arm gets.
If I notice, I will force my arm to relax but once I stop consciously thinking about it the hand will start to curl again. I really long for the day these symptoms go away. I wonder if they will. I wonder if I will ever stop stuttering too. I wonder. I wonder.

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