Monday, June 19, 2017

Deadline Passed

It’s weird not to feel pressure to be writing at all times.
On the other hand, Leon is very happy. His litter box really needed cleaning — my whole condo needed cleaning. The floor was thick with spray glue.
Were I a man who makes false narratives, I’d be feeling good because when I finished the script, I sent it off and immediately went across the street to see Bruce and Bill Millerd was there. He is one of the two judges of the Summer Reading Program script selection team. A good omen?
So I’ve gone back to the fortune cookie dress that looks more like a chopstick dress. Soon, dress work will satisfy me again. I’ll be finishing it today or tomorrow.
Then I do the bridesmaid dress and I’m done. Not really, but the dresses will be finished short of the reparations I have planned for the pearl and wheat dresses. And I’ve accessories to make.
But the next big thing is word from the Arts Club. Sometime in the next two weeks, I will get a call or an email with a yay or nay response. Pray for yay.
I’m going to see Bruce today at noon and then again late in the afternoon. I just love visiting him but it’s proving hard to visit privately. Maybe next week or later this week, early in the morning, we can have some private time. Right now, while his family is here, its their time. His birthday is on Thursday.
It’s supposed to get hot by the end of the week — 26° to 28°.

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