Saturday, June 24, 2017


My world is normalizing.
In retrospect, I think my problems with speech and spasticity has been due to my concern for Bruce. However, now that I have seen him and seen improvement and have an idea of his future and optimism about it I am feeling better. (I know: It’s not about me.)
Also, this has been one of the nicest Junes I can remember. It’s predicted to be sunny and a very comfortable 25° all week — the week I wait for word from the Arts Club. (No, it’s not really on my mind at all.)
I have to finish the bodice of the fortune cookie dress and I feel the full weight of the project as I undertake these last sections. It’s like if I fail on this bodice, the whole project goes down. It’s ridiculous, but I get so anxious every time I get to work on a dress now. (I know; I get anxious about everything.)
I like my new life. It’s very different: There’s no more walking, no more cooking or entertaining, no more TV or movies and far less contact with people. And Mr. Tidy Home now lives in clean chaos. I shove my furniture around to create space in which to work and to store finished pieces.
In a week I may get word that my work will be on a stage in January. If it’s to be, my ladies have to stay here until then. But… if things go well in January, and I certainly hope they do, then I have to store them until sometime in late 2018 or for 2019!
Decision: Keep them here until January if the Arts Club says yes next week. And if they like it in January — and I sure hope they do — I find a place to store them.
Now I’m off to the farmer’s market right beside the hospital. I’m hoping to get some things to offer Bruce right afterwards.

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Unknown said...

Hi Chris, it's Finn. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and all of the amazing people in my life at home, so a quick Google search led me here. I have spent the past little bit reading through these entries, and they remind me so much of the charm you had at the countless dinners on Triumph street. Here is to hoping I will soon be able to attend and see you. All the best from Berlin, Finn.