Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bruce is Coming Home!

Bruce is improving and coming home! He’s been cleared to return to Vancouver and to come to the hospital right across the street from me!
My visit Wednesday morning to the physiotherapist, Bill, was as good a therapeutic experience as you could wish for. In every way — punctuality, rapport and outcome — the entire experience was perfect. I have exercise homework and I am full of optimism about the value of the experience for a more comfortable future.
It’s a clinic recommended by the hospital where I go and Bill is the owner. He was with me the entire hour; I was not put on a machine and left alone. Sometimes the world delivers miracles. And sometimes the miracle is named Bill.
(It’s also $30 cheaper than the massage therapy I took for months right after my breakdown.)
Dwight came for lunch and looked at all four pieces of my defiant dress and when he went back to work he made me a brace for the back of the front of the dress that will hold the top in the position I want. Sometimes a miracle is named Dwight.
There’s one thing about the conditional interest of the Arts Club: It has certainly motivated me. I have made huge advancements in the script and the defiant dress. I am way ahead of schedule on the dress.
Yesterday I added Appendix B to the script. It’s a description of how each dress is made so that Charlotte can improvise about her process. I also suggested posters of past exhibitions for the lobby set: Remixing Banality: What’s that on your face? By Iva Grant; Vision of Repressed Vision: Defying the maternal. By Somach Ismo-Naught; and Idea of Dreams (Interpretation #2): Quantifying the ephemeral By NåwSHu$.
I have four days in a row now with no plans so I will make serious progress on the defiant dress. I’d be absolutely lost without this project. It’s incredibly fulfilling.

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