Thursday, June 29, 2017


Yesterday I finally got back to work on the fortune cookie dress. I added a backing to the bodice using nice red paper maché and I’m really happy with it. It’s much better now. And I’ve thought of decorative elements to add that I really like.
And the marbles hanging from the umbrella are truly fabulous! It’s put an already great dress right over-the-top. I love it. The marble dress is a key property like the defiant dress. It’s the only one seen in scene one.
There are lots of marbles to do and lots of fortune cookies to make so my evenings will be full — but not last night. Last night John and Bunny came over for my favourite thing: Late sunny afternoon champagne and then dinner out (at Provence).
When I was visiting Bruce yesterday, Bill arrived unexpectedly. He is a close friend of Bruce’s and half of the team deciding about my play. He said nothing about it and I didn’t ask. It killed me not to, too. He said he was going to his island home tomorrow morning. Presumably, then, their decisions about the new play series will be concluded today.
If I don’t hear tomorrow, I’ll assume the worst because when I did public programming the rule was to secure by contract the successful applicants before informing the unsuccessful ones. One way or another…. soon I’ll know.

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