Sunday, June 18, 2017

Second time lucky?

I visited Bruce three times yesterday. Visiting him puts my play in perspective. My project is terribly exciting and I hope for the best, but having Bruce back is way, way more important.
I’ll be going back today and every day, I suspect. His family is also here and staying for his seventieth birthday on Thursday. Then they all leave and I think I will be his PA after that. He’s taken over my brain. I do not think about my play much at all now.
But I will try to go through it again today for the last time. It’s due for the Arts Club’s Summer Reading Program tomorrow. I’m going to miss the writing but I’ll glad to get back to the dresses.
I have to finish the fortune cookie dress. There’s not much left to do. Then I do the bridesmaid dress. It’ll be fun but no big deal. At least it’s the last one. Then I fix the pearl and peacock dresses and after than I am on to the accessories.
I have to make the umbrella for the marble dress, the bouquet for the wheat dress and a bucket for the defiant dress.
But the next big thing, obviously, is “the answer:” Within ten days I will know if my script is accepted into the Arts Club’s new play series.
I was in this position just a few months ago when I applied to Boca del Lupo for a residency with my script, and I lost out. Other than that, I don’t have much experience with competition and the tension it produces.
Second time lucky?

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