Thursday, June 15, 2017

Defiant Dress Gains a Song

My girls are taking up a lot of space. There are elven here
but only ten are visible. One more to go.

Bruce did not come home Wednesday as planned.  Now they say tomorrow. The poor guy; I am positively craving him.
Wednesday began with physiotherapy. Boy do I have a great guy in Bill. I’m getting good results already only after three weeks. The best part is the exercise homework he gives me that is teaching me self-care. And considering Dr. Shoja’s recent hint that I may never recover, these exercises are valuable.
It’s very nice to have my script confidence back. I went through scene one again on Wednesday. Today I will do scene three and I am thinking of using a song from Knock Knock (that few saw and heard) for which Bruce wrote the music.
I’ve put a song in scene three. Why not, eh? I now have Charlotte singing a song (a capella) written by one of the dress donors. I love the song; it’s called Loving. I wrote the lyrics and Bruce wrote the music. It’s a novel addition to the show and if it works in the re-write today, I’ll keep it in.
I wrote to Rachel this morning to make sure I can keep working on my script on the weekend and send it in on Monday. If I can, I can go through it once more.
And then I wait, but not for long…just ten days. And if my script gets accepted, the cycle starts again: Working on re-writes, the dresses and the dress accessories until January when the public reading happens. And then I wait again — this time for word on whether or not my script gets a full-blown production.

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