Friday, June 30, 2017

Fortune Cookie Dress Finished

The best parts are the teen weeny stars on the bodice and
some of the cookies and chopsticks. They're impossibly small.

The fortune cookie dress is finished and the umbrella for the marble dress is also looking really good. The collection looks great. I really hope that, one way or another, the show is seen.
Good news: John and Bunny have offered to store some of them in their basement. I am so happy about that.
This is what I’m afraid of today:
Dear _____________,
Thank you for submitting to the Arts Club’s 2017 Summer Reading Program. Whereas we see merit in your play, _______title________, this year there were a lot of submissions and we had to make several difficult decisions including deferring on your play at this time. We wish you the best with your playwriting and with your script.
Arts Club Theatre
Of course it could go the other way, but I found out yesterday that there are already seven new scripts in development at the Arts Club.
Besides expecting a decision about my play today, today is also the first day BC has a new NDP premier and the loathsome Christy Clark is out of office. Finally! And: Bruce moves this morning to Holy Family. I’m going to visit him this afternoon and check the place out. And tonight, I’m having a champagne-drinking date and then dinner with Robin at Provence.

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