Friday, February 16, 2018

A Productive Day

I had a whole day at home with Sheba, Fred and Ethel to do as my heart desired. It’s been absolutely wonderful.
It started cloudy but by 11:00 am it had become a gloriously sunny day. I’ve been going full on since 9:00 am and it’s 3:00 pm now. Time to chill.
Not only did I do all you see below but I also called Doug to order five more cords of wood. I’m into it. I love my fires and want to never run out.
I also got a tiny bit of costume work done in the studio as well as some work on the pinecones for the second panel on the fence. The Cardinal Dress was looking pretty sloppy; with just thirty minutes work it was looking much better. I have more repairs to do but it’s well on its way to looking good again.

This is my new porch in process. It will be screened in to
give Fred and Ethel some fresh air.

I brought order to this cupboard today. I went through
every box and chucked out a ton of stuff.
I brought bark ends and kindling in and created a bin for
paper and another for recyclable plastic. Same cupboard.
My former sweater locker now hold eighteen logs!
You can see why I like this wood supplier: Standard lengths.
Another wood dump outside the back door 
These are the pine cones I got last Friday. I coveted more.
This is how big they are. Delicious! 
These are the ones I got yesterday. Yum!
Only a half cup of sugar in an eight-apple pie.

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