Friday, February 23, 2018

Good News (except for Arthur Black)

It’s snowing yet again and it ain’t no gentle snowfall. But this is the end of it. I worry there’ll be another power failure; I’m not at all keen on another generator experience.
I cried over the passing of Arthur Black yesterday. What a wonderful generous happy man he was. He was perfection in hosting; he identified, clarified and enlightened without dominating. He seemed egoless; we listeners always seemed more important when he was on the air — the polar opposite of the scum sucking bottom dweller called Dumb Cherry.
And on the topic of effective hosts, overexposed to Olympic hyperbole I decided to watch my second episode of Joanna Lumley’s Japan. The program doesn’t go too deeply into anything; it’s more a platform for Ms. Lumley’s voluminous expressed and silent wit. She’s completely won me over with her warmth, respect and humour. I’m hooked.
Friends ask, “What are you working on?” I tell them about my pinecone decorating (the fence, the life ring, the porch ceiling) and that my ladies are back and that soon I will be working on them. But I doubt I will.
I’ve decided I want to create a brick or paving stone courtyard in the area in my yard bounded by the shed, studio and the deck of my house. I drive on it a lot and I cross it constantly to go to the studio and the woodshed, so I think some kind of solid surface with wide spaces between for Creeping Thyme would be lovely.
I’m going to consult with a local landscaper and/or Darrell about it.
My two new DVD players arrived. I hooked one up in my house and started watching Top of the Lake. I’m thrilled because I can buy the few films I really want to see (Call Me By Your Name; God’s Own County) instead of waiting forever for them to appear on pay TV or Netflix.
Today I’m going to hook up the other one in the studio. I love listening to TV whilst working in the studio. I have to go into the village for some high-definition cables and I’ll look for more oil burners. I’m filling my house with them for future power failures. They are so much better than candles.
I’ve always been a fan of Sally Field. When I saw her in Soapdish she took on Goddess status (not to mention Norma Rae and several other roles). She took on an even more respected dimension in my heart when the US Human Rights Campaign (US) gave her an award for her advocacy on LGBTQ issues. (You can seeher speech here; her son introduces her.)
Well this week she Tweeted hoping to reach Adam Rippn, the flagrantly gay US figure skater, on behalf of her son who is smitten with Adam. Mr. Rippon, who also impresses me, Tweeted back that they will meet.
I want to hug Sally Field for maybe half an hour. I just love her.

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