Monday, February 26, 2018

Busy Sunday

Sunday was a busy day. I put two coats of Varathane on my studio table and I’ll do two more today.
I washed my bedding including my pillows! Washing pillows is another thing I’ve never done before (like washing a wool blanket on Saturday); I’ve always bought new pillows in the past. I am a domestic goddess.
I got the Alder onto the side of the shed as part of my life ring home logo. I like the look but I’m not taking a photo until I do some more pinecones; I may do more pinecones after I go to the dental hygenist for a cleaning.
I cuddled a lot with Sheba yesterday because she smells so good after her bath (with Lavender soap) on Saturday. I hope to get her spaying arranged today, poor girl.
I moved the shelf in my kitchen on which I hang my pots and pans from one wall to another. It was a fair bit of work to ensure it’s safe (it’s heavy) but it was well worth the effort because now it is super easy to get to my garbage and recycling containers and it’s a lot easier to see what’s where.
I also changed the configuration of my dining room table. It now runs lengthwise across the room instead of down its length. Now there’s a nice arrival area where double doors lead to my new porch.  
I talked to my unemployed friend, Paula. She’s going to call me in a week, after she comes back from Mexico. I talked to her about hiring her to build my courtyard patio with me. I call her Project Paula because she can’t stay still. I’m certain we’d enjoy the process of working together while we’re visiting and she’s super keen.
I had a drawer full of lovely mixed cards and envelopes that I bought over the years from at VAG gift shop. Yesterday I sorted them and wrapped each bundle in elastic bands; now I’m going to start sending a hand-written letter to people more often (and less email).
I waited for dusk to have my hot tub and turned the disco lights on. When Rob is here, I think he’ll love the tub. He loves heat and I love seeing him naked. Okay, I’m shallow. I know that. A domestic goddess needs some inspiration/reward.
The wind was cool on my face, I had some of my favourite “go to Uranus” music on, the Christmas light on my shed cast a lovely warm light (they’re all white) and the trees were majestic and dart against the sky that slowly darkened; the moon looking like a huge stage light.
I’m back, “out of prison” again. I could speak on the phone this morning.
I’m used to “bad” things causing me to have a seizure. But yesterday I was watching Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir ice dance to a Gord Downey song. She is flawlessly beautiful and he is the handsomest man ever born. Plus it was their competitive swan song and Gord is gone. It was so emotional I had to stop watching. I could feel myself slipping into a seizure.
Darrell is back today. He’s putting the roof on the porch. It could get finished this week. Tomorrow I go Vancouver to see Dr. S. and then Rob comes Wednesday.


Lynda said...

Hello. I follow your blog courtesy of an introduction through Beth Kaplan's blog. I love your photographs and was wondering if they are your own or from another source?
All the best. Lynda Tam

Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

Hi Lynda! Thanks for expressing your appreciation for the photographs. None of them are mine except the ones about my life.

I was a curator in a public art gallery for many years and programming has little or nothing at all to do with beauty — except, perhaps, in execution. Here I can indulge myself and just post photographs that are emotionally evocative. As a public curator, I had to make my selections thinking of medium, place of origin, gender, exhibition history, theme, intellectual rigour, etc., etc. Here, it's just what I want.