Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rob Day

Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph: The remarkable fluency I enjoyed yesterday is gone. It’ll be back. If I’m to not care about having a stutter, I can’t care too much about getting my speech back either. I knew it wouldn’t last. But I do take it as a very positive sign.
Darrell did not turn up today. He won’t be back until next week but the miracle man stopped the leak. He’s going to Cedar line the interior at my request.
I found some trellis pieces in the renovation detritus and built a little fence for the loft edge to keep the cats from climbing the wall. I did it and now it encourages them to use the stairs for access/egress to the loft. Ethel uses the stairs; Fred doesn’t. I used my new skill saw and thrilled myself by finishing with all my fingers.
Fred has discovered that he can turn on the floor lamp in the living room. I’d wake up, see it on, and turn it off only to wake later and see it alight again. So I left it on to see if he would turn if off. Nope.
I made Rob a pie. He’s not a fan of sweets so I left it kind of tart. His plane could not land — wouldn’t you know it. The airline will fly him to Nanaimo and drive him to the Gabriola ferry terminal. He’ll be a foot passenger on the 3:45 ferry I hope and pray, and I’ll pick him up. I’m so excited.
Off I go to get him…

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