Sunday, February 25, 2018

Slow Sunday

It’s a beauty day — just stunning and the snow is almost gone. My yard, a green carpet, looks rich and warm and promising.  Please let that be the end of Winter!
Friends/readers notice how happy I am in my posts. It’s true, I am exquisitely happy here. But it ain’t all roses — just an FYI. I’ve been having a rough time for two weeks; unable to speak to friends lately when they call. Dwight Facetime-ed last night and I couldn’t speak to him. I even had a seizure trying. But when it hurts, I know I am “growing.”
I’m growing in my understanding of myself and the implications of my condition. I began treatment thinking I had a speech disorder; I’ve leaving understanding myself as dominated/restricted by a seizure disorder with protocols to which it’s in my best interest to adhere.
I’ll skip the brief paragraph of self-pity that might have gone here. Instead, I’ll head off to the hot tub with some morning chocolate.
I’m back.
Fred broke one of my most beautiful and expensive pieces of glass. I confess: I yelled at him. Then I went to Ethel for comfort and Fred came over too. I melted. He’s such a charmer.
“It’s just an object,” I said to myself. It has no soul. And then I threw Fred in the fire.
No I didn’t; I glued the tiny bowl back together as best I could.
I searched for the incredibly encouraging comments from Rachel about my play and can only find one. There were three — plus her email saying my script had been recommended for their ReACT program. This is the one I found: “This is just brilliant, Chris!  Truly.” Thankfully, if I apply myself, I can find the missing ones on my blog.
Before I give up, I’m going to write to the new artistic director for one last kick at the can because I cannot think of any other producer and my play needs a space with two separate play areas as their BMO Theatre has.
Darrell will get back to work on the porch tomorrow. That excites me. Tuesday I go to Vancouver and my penultimate appointment with Dr. Shoja. Wednesday Rob comes for an overnight visit. I’m really excited about that.


Unknown said...

Chris, when you lamented the broken bowl, i immediately thought of kintsugi, the japanese art of putting broken things back together with lacquer and gold or silver, thus beautifying them and then being able to continue your love and admiration of their beauty (wabi-sabi).

Unknown said...

my kitty minnow and i broke my favourite lamp years ago (unfortunately it could not be healed). i am still unable to discard it....

Chris Tyrell Loranger said...

I did too but it the decorative surface shattered into powder. I've done a decent job of repair and realize I'm going to have to be Buddhist in my approach to loss because I have Bengals!. Cheers co-ko.

Unknown said...

We worked together at PH many years ago. I'm happy to welcome you to my part of the world (i'm in nanaimo). Your blog is inspiring.