Saturday, February 24, 2018


Okay. This morning’s post might have put you off dog ownership — the whole rubber gloves, blockage thing.
I ended resolved to wash Sheba, stem-to-stern — especially stern — and I was dreading it. But she gets A+ for bathing. She just stood there and accepted everything. There was a single indicator of resistance: She raised one forepaw. That’s it!
I was incredibly impressed by her co-operation; it could not have been easier. And now she feel deliciously, cuddly soft and smells like a dog who lives in a spa should. I rewarded her by playing indoor fetch — that’s “fetch” not “felch” — to hasten the drying of her hair.
And I cut some hair around her eyes so that she can see better and I can see her.

Then I washed her wool blanket. It was disgusting. It’s an old off-white four-point HBC blanket — a dumb colour for a dog owner. After life with Spike and Béla it was stained, but it was still good thick wool so I’ve kept it for furniture protection.
Once I washed it, it looked fabulous! I mean … like new; I can’t quite believe it.
So I washed a blanket. So what. Well I used to have my blankets dry-cleaned but there’s no dry cleaner here. I’m actually stoked to have done something new and simple and practical. I dried it on my nice big clean table in my toasty-warm studio.
It was sunny by nine o’clock. The melt had started.
It’s kind of scary outside though, especially for Sheba. The wind that cleared the skies is shaking the trees and avalanches of snow are dropping loudly on the tin roof and cold and wet on top of us. If it were frozen or ice, we’d be dead. The large shrub I like wherein the birds huddle waiting their turn at the feeder, is upright again.
It was beautiful working outdoors. I could hear Meryl and her partner next door and welcomed the sound of nice neighbours. The snow was still thick on the ground making the day startlingly bright.
I worked on my Pinecone Park & Spa “sign.” It wasn’t easy on the ladder so it was slow going and I did a lot of dropping of things. And boy it hurts when your hands get bone cold. But I’m happy with my work so far; to get through a quarter of the pinecones in one day is very satisfying.

I’m adding some horizontal Alder next. I hope to get that up tomorrow. But now at least my talisman of domestic identity isn’t just something manufactured. I love the life ring but even more now that it’s part of something handmade.
It feels great to be back doing creative things. It’s been forever. I’ve been focused on things indoors and without my ladies since October. But creative or practical, I always feel great at Happy Hour when I’ve done something to take this place forward in some way.
Then had a hot tub as the clouds rolled in and while I was in it I pretty much decided to make a brick and soil surface in my courtyard
Tonight: More Top of the Lake.

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