Monday, February 5, 2018

Ed Stutters Too

I really enjoyed Crystal’s visit. Her kids are fantastic. They are superbly well adjusted and fully participated in all the chores without tonal, verbal or any behavioral resistance. They never once complained about anything. And watching Cole interact with them is a beautiful privilege. He is a prince, our Cole.
One great outcome of their visit was that Peter discovered that I have a convection oven. I had no idea; he showed me how to use it. It was a wonderful surprise!
After Crystal and family departed the sun came blazing out and it was 14°! That’s 14° in the shade! It was a brilliant day and I was stoned on the beauty of everything. And it’s supposed to be pretty good week. Today has dawned with lots of blue sky and big bright white clouds.
I’m learning how the sunshine hits my land and home as the months go buy. (Wednesday I celebrate the end of my fourth month here.) After each long spell of winter rain when the sun finally returns, it tracks a new arc through sky – new to me, at least, in this home. Yesterday for the first time sunlight shone brightly into my bedroom. I was thrilled to see that.
I considering switching my living and dining rooms for summer; where my dining room is now gets lots of sunlight. To put the living room there will be nice for summer evenings before eating outdoors. On rainy days, I’ll eat in front of a fire where I currently have the living room.
More sunny warm weather is predicted for Friday and Saturday — the days I’m to move my costumes from storage to here. We’re long overdue for some decent weather; if it happens, my ladies won’t suffer any further water damage.
Something wonderful has happened with Fred and Ethel. They are still dispassionate about being picked up, but in many other ways they are increasingly social and welcoming. They come when they are called and purr the minute I touch them or speak to them. And they like being patted now. It’s wonderful and I love them to bits.
I fell hard for pop singer, Ed Sheeran. Do you know him? I’ve bought all his CDs and I listen to them regularly. I appreciate the sincerity and simplicity of his lyrics; they resonate with me. He writes love and often about his family; his voice is beautiful, pure and true. I adore him.
Well today I happened on an article about him that made me weep.
He quit school because he was so badly bullied as a child because he was plump, wore large glasses and stuttered. My adored singer stuttered! He came to America with nothing but ambition and happened to be seen by a dynamo actor, Jamie Foxx. The rest is history. It just got to me, so deeply, that this lovely man is a fellow stutterer.
When I listen to him now, it’s terribly moving.
It’s remarkable to be here now. Everything is done now that the studio is finished and furnished and I’m completely moved in. I want to do lots of gardening come Spring but that’s icing on the cake as is completing the decorating of my fence. I plan to do some fence work today on the three fence panels facing the entrance to my yard.

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