Monday, February 12, 2018

Pot Pourris

Sunday began I in the hot tub with Dwight and then we went for breakfast, watched a bit of the Olympics and then he went back to Vancouver. I am so incredibly happy to have such a friend. My ladies look great in their home. Life feels perfect with them back; it feels like I’m whole again.
I spent mid-day stacking wood (it took three hours). I didn’t mind the work at all; it was gorgeous sunny day so I just took my time. I worked so hard it almost hurt lifting the forkfuls of pie into my mouth at the end of the day.  
This “one cord of wood” from Doug for $275 is equal in volume to the “two cords” Brandon would sell me for $575. And it’s lovely clean wood — some of it hard, and it burns like charcoal. It’s perfect so I’ve getting five more cords from him. Doug is a find like Darrell.
Sunshine makes me drunk with pride and pleasure in this place. And … Now I have my ladies to work on. I’m going to work on one at a time; I’m going to apply myself diligently to each one and make them better than ever and put gentle some pressure on the Arts Club. (Shawn MacDonald said the process with them can often be a brutal one of non-communication and endless waiting.)
Darrell is not starting on the porch today after all. It’s a holiday today and so today becomes a “typical” day. Such a day has no agenda, is either “wet” or “dry” (today is dry; the sky is cloudless again) and each typical day offers three options for entertainment: Working on the ladies, the fence or the yard/garden.
When we went to Robert’s for breakfast, Robert was there. He’s gay, Dwight’s age and he served us. He was clearly titillated by Dwight’s handsomeness and Dwight was lovely to him and flirty as he ordered for us both.
He’d come by with water and earlier knew I had a stutter, so on this visit to take our order he was prepared. When he asked Dwight how I wanted my eggs, Dwight looked at me and I did my “scrambled eggs” sign.
Dwight said, “Scrambled.”
And without missing a beat, Robert said, “I guess you should be my partner if I ever play charades, huh.”
I’ve had people laugh at me and I’ve had people respond to me like I’m a child, but most people react with marked softness or kindness. Robert’s was my first response of appropriate and comfortable humour.  It was really nice.
I’ve had an idea for a community party that I think is pretty good and focused on food. I sent it to the Arts Council E.D., Michelle, to ponder. I’d actually go and enter — and, I’d help organize it. The E.D. liked my self-portrait idea and I think this one is as good. Even if they don’t use them, they now know there’s an “idea man” on the island — and not only that, but a man bereft of a needy ego.
I sent her a link to the Tumblr account where I posted photos of my cooking and when she comes for dinner next month, she’ll likely meet my ladies. Then she’ll not only know I’m an idea man, but a man who can realize his ideas.

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