Tuesday, February 27, 2018

To Vancouver!

Yesterday began overcast and cold. Darrell came and put the green tin roofing on the porch; besides its practical value it ties the porch into the house beautifully. While he did that, I put another coat of varnish on my worktable in the studio.
By 10:00 am it had cleared. The sky and my mood soared. Sheba and all her hair love the cool air and the warm sun. She now prefers to chill outside — especially when Darrell is here for her to watch.
With the roof on, Darrell started on the mesh that encloses the porch. I think it’s beautiful because of the way it captures the light. And it’s not too dark in the house; I’m relieved about that.
Today he puts the Cedar exterior up. There’s a leak I have to show him, too. And how great is he? He brought me a great ladder that’s incredibly stable to use to finish my Pinecone Park & Spa sign.
I love the porch. All connotations of porches are good (both porches and verandahs); they are symbols of summer, time moving slowly, warmth, comfort and visitors.
I dearly hope the weather forecast for Friday and the weekend is correct. They are predicting warm temperatures and sunshine — and that would mean I could finish the sign, get more Alder from the forest for the fence panels.
I haven’t felt like a schoolgirl in a long time but anticipating Roberto’s visit has me tizzyish. I’ve such a crush on him. We’ve been friends for ten years and (on his initiative) we are intimate. A man who can see beyond HIV, stuttering and seizures is a treasure.
He leaves Thursday, the first day of March — a great month because both Daylight Saving Time and Spring begin. Hallelujah.
Now I’m off to Vancouver for breakfast with Bruce, a walk and talk with Cathy, a chocolate refill, essential dried frozen pet food and my penultimate appointment with Dr. Shoja. I love coming home when Darrell is working because it’s exciting to see what he has done while I was away.
The idea of Paula and I bricking in my courtyard is really settling with me. I am very keen to do it— but with wide-ish spaces between the bricks so I can plant Creeping Thyme in some places and fill the cracks with sand in others (where I drive).

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