Friday, February 9, 2018

To Vancouver For Some Women

Again today I had a sunrise hot tub. I mean … How better could I start my day?
All day yesterday I kept marvelling at the natural beauty of Pinecone Park. It was as though I’d arrived for the first time — that’s how great it felt to be here in bright warm sunlight (and no coat). Today the sunlight is as inspiring but the air’s cooler.
Last night I had trouble getting to sleep because my shoulder was so painful. In fact, my whole body was hurting — really hurting, especially my hips, and my right shoulder, elbow and hand. When I get up I walk like an old man, hobbling and bent over, for a few minutes.
There’s something particularly nasty going on in my shoulder. At one point, I raised myself up onto my right elbow and my shoulder made a noise, as it often does — I hate it when it does that — but then I felt better.
It was all because I went mad yesterday, energized by the extraordinary weather. I never stopped. And my poor right arm and shoulder: I threw the ball for Sheba, I hammered on the fence for hours, I swept and raked, lifted, pulled and pushed. And I’m old and I probably have osteoarthritis.
However, I’ve awakened in much better form. My body feels better, my new respirator arrived (and it really works). And late in the day yesterday, I saw Towhees in the “decorative” branches of my new fence panel. It felt like approval from Mother Nature.
Chalise is staying overnight with Sheba, Fred and Ethel. I fly to Vancouver at 3:00 to dine with John and Bunny. Tomorrow, after bringing my ladies back, Dwight and I have the night together here and he goes home Sunday. Then Monday — YAY! — Darrell starts building my porch.
I’m really happy with the change from building a sunroom — that would definitely have been nice but frightfully expensive — to porch. I’ve always loved porches, screen doors and verandas. They give a place a gentle, slow-moving feel; they are icons of summertime and hospitality — perfect for Pinecone Park.

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