Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reunited and it Feels So Good

 We are here. We are reunited, and it feels so good. They have suffered from two moves and I will love attending to them in their purpose-built, special space.

When I left on Friday, it was for the first time overnight. I was worried about the move and being away so I departed absolutely mute. I was painfully tight in my chest, so I took a pen in my wallet, my stutterer ID and my phone App with me. And meds.
But it was a stunning day to fly. The transfer to the Canada Line was easy because it wasn’t in rush hour and it stops right at the Bay where I caught the bus to West Van. I enjoyed my walk up the hill through Memorial Park to John and Bunny’s place for dinner and a sleep over. On the way, I found these amazing gorgeous pine cones!
These are 8" pinecones!
I was able to relax with J & B; time flew. Dinner was terrific as it always is (and with lemon tart for dessert). In no time I was in bed.
Dwight arrived early, as arranged, and lead the loading and fastening of my ladies. He’s is a great boss; he moves art professionally for the Vancouver Art Gallery. I was happy to do as I was told.
We made it onto the ferry — I had a reservation — and ate. It seemed like minutes until we got to the Gabriola terminal. At ne point, I found two seats on the very crowded ferry and Leslie was right behind us! That was fun and it was a short wait in beautiful weather and in the excellent company of Dwight in Nanaimo. Almost home!
We unloaded and Dwight went for a walk. I reacquainted myself with the pets and took in the joy of the view of my ladies in their rightful place.

When Dwight came back we waited for Doug to come with the wood. He’s a unique man and I like him. He was thrilled because I said I’d buy six cords from him. He sells measured cords of lovely seasoned wood — some of it hard — and he’s a kind and honest man. I am very happy to do business with him and he was thrilled to find me interested in six cords. It will set me up for next year.
After Doug left, we went into town for pizza and beer and came back to gorge on the food and binge watch the Olympics. It was heaven. Because we had the truck, I got an incinerator from the village so I can burn my garden detritus.
I’m going to lose valued winter light in my dining room once the porch is built. I’m glad our decision was to screen in just that end. I still get lots of light where I work and spend most of my time. Besides, the many plusses outweigh the minuses.
The previous owner of this place left a nice glass panelled door that Darrell is going to use as the door for the porch. This way, Sheba scratching at the door for entry can be heard and will last longer than the mesh. Darrell came by Friday to pick it up and confirmed his intent to start building on Monday. Woo Hoo.
What’s the wrong gift/purchase for someone with (Mild) OCD and a cleanliness issues? A dog, two cats and a house you heat with wood.
What’s absolutely the prefect gift for someone housebound with MOCD? A Hoover cordless vacuum! I just got one and I’m drunk in love with it.

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