Thursday, February 22, 2018


The breathtaking majesty of Mother Nature continues to overwhelm me because brilliant glorious sunshine is back. The birds are doing their aerial acrobatics, the light reflecting off the snow laden branches is making the day shine and waves of ice crystals are blowing through the air reflecting the light and making sparkles.
It snowed most of the day, Wednesday. I kept busy … took it easy. After the seizure Tuesday, I wanted rest. John wrote, bless him, to tell me that he’s collected more giant pinecones for me. And Peggy came at four to install the Lifeline machine and train me in its use. Later Judy called me and we tested the machine. It even works from the studio.
I am closer to Fred, Ethel and Sheba every day — especially F&E because they were so distant initially. They are all excellent roommates; they are always making me smile, sometimes laugh out loud and always making me feel love.
Doug called and we’ve made arrangements for four more cords of wood. Once here, I’ll request three more and be set. I’ll have seven cords going into next winter; I intend never to stack wood in winter. Next Spring/Summer I’ll get five or six more cords, always staying ahead of the game.
My quarterly Suttering Foundation magazine arrived. Every one makes me cry — an okay kind of crying. When I read about how other stutterers feel about their speech it can easily make me cry — I’m sad because I have the same feelings but happy, at the same time, to have a community who understands me.
My neighbour Paula T., who helped me get rid of my ridiculously over-the-top front door, introduced me to three of her eight siblings: James, Robert and Monica. James and Monica had come to Gabriola to for a month in Paula’s cabin so I called James last night to invite them over but they’d left, defeated by frozen pipes. We had a great talk, however, and we’ll get together next time he is here.

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