Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Bastard Goes Into The Woods

Steve (my ex; we broke up in 1994) continues to be a huge part of my life. He is my soul partner still. He has a long-time boyfriend, Tim, who is a gem and yesterday Tim sent me this link to a film that absolutely shattered me (in a good way).
Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405 is a documentary short film that was nominated for an Academy Award this year.
If you’re a friend of mine and confused about my mental state (my seizures, my speech, my anxiety, my sensitivity to crowds and sounds) watch this film! Mindy Alper has the same condition as me for almost the same reasons as me. I suffered no sexual abuse but I had one abuser parent (Connie) and one passive parent whose passivity was as destructive as the abuse — just like Mindy.

We’re both creative; both outsiders and we both work in paper maché. And we both syllable stutterer — our speech can be so severely restricted we can only say polysyllables one syllable at a time.
I found it really hard to watch. Thank God, I was able to see this in the privacy of my home. I was hyperventilating watching it; it was incredibly therapeutic for me to see.
At the Oscars, they talked a lot about Diversity. The British woman who signed her acceptance speech touched my soul. Frances McDcDormand’s two words were “Diversity; Rider.”  (She’s suggestion to Hollywood megastars that they put riders in their contract demanding diversity on the set.)
I’m Diversity now, so she and the movement moved me as #MeToo moves many women.
This magnificent film and Mindy gave me that priceless “you are not alone” feeling.
And that ex of mine, Steve, also has a sister. Her name is Lydia and I have adored her since the minute I met her. It was love at first sight and I’m a huge fan of her husband, David, and their children. Their son Gene exploded into my heart when he was born. Both her children are dear to me, but Gene was my first babysitting experience and I fell totally and deeply for him.
Anyway … Lydia and David are coming to visit. They will be here to help with my Sunday night Daylight Saving Time dinner.
The weather forecast is for temperatures to reach 15° next week. And the dreaming begins…
The faggot, unbundled. (Read below.)

A bastard (moi) went into the woods at the end of my street today with Sheba and came home carrying one seriously heavy faggot. (That’s it, unbundled, above.) I have never ever used the F word in its true context before. Some walks I pick up lichen to cover the surface of my planters; sometimes it’s pinecones. Today it was a faggot of fallen Alder and it will go on my fence.
I have the fence panels to finish, the sign to finish, gardens to create, baking to do and my ladies to repair. I’ve never experienced such a glut of opportunity. And I can recover from my exertion in my beloved hot tub before evening cuddles with the pets. Pinecone Park & Spa truly is Paradise.
Today’s goals are to bring some order to the shed (it’s a disaster right now) and to map out with wire markers where I want the courtyard. I think Darrell will be back to put the gutter onto the porch and do the interior.

The Shasta Daisy was developed by Luther Burbank.
He is one of my Heroes. I have been to his farm in
Santa Rosa, California. The man was both a botanist
and a humanitarian with many extraordinary
accomplishments to his credit. I admire him hugely.

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