Monday, March 5, 2018

The Courtyard is Happening

The sunshine at dawn was a tease. The day turned overcast, cool and damp but it didn’t rain so Sheba went for a walk.
We did something I’ve long wanted to do. We walked down my street to Wild Cherry and into a lot that is open and undeveloped. It has a trail into it and it’s on the bluff — cliff more like. It’s really steep. Here are my photos:

Click on the image to enlarge it.
I bought a small freezer in September and brought it over here as part of the move. It was still in the box in the shed so I opened it and set it up in my kitchen. Because there are so many power failures, it’s better to concentrate the things requiring auxiliary power, so I set up the freezer in the kitchen. Doing so reduces the network of extension cords between the generator and the devices it feeds.
I’m going to take full advantage of the farmer’s markets this summer. I plan to fill the freezer with things to serve me well through next winter.
Mid-morning something made me wonder where Sheba was. I looked around and couldn’t find her in either the house or the yard. I started panicking then Darrell and I got in our cars and started driving around. This was not like her at all; she doesn’t even like going for walks.
She came back and I know now how attached I am. I also know she knows a way out of the yard. Darrell and I had a walkabout and cannot figure out how she did it. I’ll monitor her while she’s in the yard until I do.

Darrell’s stile is ideal. I am going to feel so safe getting in and out of the hot tub - le bain de mon âme. He did it all today. I’ve asked him to do the interior of the porch in Cedar and I also asked him about the courtyard.
He liked my plan and is going to do the work. That feckin’ thrills me. I had thought to do it myself, with Paula’s help, but he’ll do a better job and faster. I’m going with large concrete paving stones with a wide space between them so I can plant creeping thyme in the gaps.
Now I’ off to get another Rhodo for Sheba’s Hole to China project and then I’ll try the new stile and have a hot tub. Life is tough.

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