Thursday, March 8, 2018

Back to Action

I am in good shape. How do I know? I like my music louder and I’m fluent. It took a few days to get over the life lessons learned from Rob’s dreadful visit.
However, I was thrilled with the work I did yesterday. I’ve come miles in my OCD management — it’s mild anyway — but I still get a real high from seeing order.

I brought order to the shed. I broke up all my stored Styrofoam into pieces and bagged it; I cut up miles of cardboard and bundled it and I disgorged the (non-working) sauna building of all the insulation removed from the studio. I bagged that too.

You can see all the bags and packaged cardboard in the photo above. Slowly, I will chip away at getting them to their final resting places. I am going to Nanaimo on Tuesday and I plan to take as many bags as I can there for disposal there.

I have a tiny building set back between the studio and the shed. It’s a very small and well built; my friends and I think it was going to become a sauna. That’s where Darrell had stored the insulation. Once empty, it’s become the home of the generator. The former sauna is now my emergency power building.

When next I need to use the generator it will be much quieter in the house. Its new location means longer extension cords but peace and quiet during the power failures.
To get out of the house, I took a carful of stuff to the recycling centre (GIRO) and they took everything. I think our system here on Gabriola is easy and smart. I love going to GIRO. It really is a vital part of my being part of this wonderful community here.
With that done, it was off to the post office. But as soon as I got inside, I promptly started seizing. A clerk called me to her, but I put up my finger  — my sign for “Just a minute.” — and grabbed onto the wall. I stayed in control but I could not stop the breathing. There was a man in a chair and I wanted dearly to sit down but I couldn’t bring myself to ask him for the chair. Then I heard a clerk ask him for me.
The clerk who basically dropped everything to look after me is incredibly kind and empathetic. I think she may be lesbian, a “sister;” she was an island in a storm.
One thing different about this one was crying. I just welled up without really knowing why as I left. It passed in the car.

When I got home, I tried to move a big planter and broke it. Undeterred, I bound it with “gold” wire and got it back in shape. But what a job!
After a rigorous day I enjoyed a great sense of deserved accomplishment, cake and a hot tub.
If you read my past post about Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405 and searched for i on YouTube, it was removed due to copyright infringement. I am SO glad I saw it before it was taken down.
I let the fire go out Yesterday. I didn’t need it. I’m going to miss it in the summer but I will be glad to be free of lugging wood from the woodpile.
Darrell is off for two weeks. He’s having minor surgery (that he’s had several times before) and then he’ll be back to do the interior of the porch and then the courtyard. I will enjoy having the pace to myself, being able to hot tub whenever I want.
Today’s goals are simple — but then so were yesterday’s and I would up going all day like the Energizer Bunny, felling into bed exhausted at 8:30 pm. Today I will tidy up the studio in case David and Lydia want to stay in it when they are here and I’m going to order a few yards of topsoil so I can start gardening. I’m also going to see if they can order me a Paulownia Tree.

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