Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lydia & David

I took Sheba out for a walk at four, Friday morning, and then we went out again at 6:30 to listen to the Dawn Chorus (previous post) and to feel that wonder and joy that only a sunrise in a clear diminishing starry sky can bring.
It dawned a magnificent day; I know I say that all the time, but that’s what I feel every sunny day. These nice days, as the sun moves north, warm mother earth and turn my yard from dull to rich green.
It's a lemon bundt cake and inside is a layer of lemon
curd mixed with cream cheese and the layer caused the
cake to crack so I covered the crack with butter cream

I baked the cake and then I set out to create a front garden while it cooled in its pan. It felt wonderful to put on the work gloves I use all the time because today they’d be helping me do magic.
I had a bunch of large semi-round cement sections of a fire pit I disassembled to use as a soil retainer. Moving them was a chore for this old body, but shoveling the soil into the new garden had me feeling as good as an addict getting a fix.
New gardens look dreadful — this one especially.
But I and time will make the front of my place look
much better than before.

I hopped into the village to get six more Rhodos and four Edgeworthia for the garden. I first saw Edgeworthia plants a few years ago in a planter in Vancouver. I’d return every year to see and smell them. They are exotic wonderful plants that bloom first and then grow their summer leaves afterwards. It never occurred to me to own such a plant, but I bought four of them yesterday.  I love gardening.
At around 2:00, Lydia and David arrived. I haven’t seen them for years so it was a wonderful reunion; in some ways it was like we had seen each other yesterday. We toured Pinecone Park, hot tubbed and snacked and then we went to Surf Lodge for dinner.
I was walking dead by the time we got home. We had some of the cake and I went to bed by 8:30.
This morning is blazing bright. They have come to enjoy excellent weather. We’re all up and have no plans so far. I’ve warned them that I need to take it easy in advance of the party for seven here tomorrow night.

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