Friday, March 23, 2018

My Ladies Have Hope

My friend Beth has just arrived in Vancouver from the east for this stormy day. It’s truly nasty outside. It’s windy, cool and damp (but not raining) and I woke to find the cutest dead mouse right outside my bedroom door. I’d heard the cats in the night and knew what they were up to. It’s so sad, sometimes, nature’s way. It’s supposed to improve by the time Beth comes here to visit.
I took a big risk yesterday.
  • I built this blog about A(r)mour: The Defiant Dress.
  • I sent an email with a link to the Defiant Dress blog to Ashlie Corcoran, the new artistic director of the Arts Club. I sent it to her personal email because I could not find an address on their website and a snail mail letter would make providing the link awkward.

I “bit the bullet” and if I’m rejected I will know to make other plans for my ladies.
In putting the blog together I realized I am one dress short. I forgot that I have to make one more and that excites me because it will be in my new studio. All the other work will be repairing dresses damaged in the move.
Now I wait.
Good news: The x-rays revealed that I have no arthritis in my hands. Still, they are sometimes mortally painful so now I’m very confused why my hips and hands hurt so much.
There’s a lot of big equipment next door. The house is undergoing a major renovation. Meryl said this was coming. She plans to rent it for a year or more so I soon will have neighbours on one side. I’m glad her house, which is close to our property line, is on the side of my yard I don’t use.
The lot beside the end of my lot I use constantly is empty. It’s raw forest. I could not be happier about that; I just hope it lasts.
Whoa, what a surprise! Late in the afternoon I got an answer from Ashlie about my play. Hope lives! I am euphoric because she’s intrigued with my proposal and has invited me to get in touch again in May by which time her new artistic associate will be in place. The new associate will be handling new plays. There’s still hope for my ladies.
I feel different right down to my bones to think I still have a chance to see my play produced by the only place I know it can physically work.
The puppy training class was a hoot. We were ten puppies and their owners. Imagine: Me in a room with ten puppies. We were both nervous: It was Sheba’s first time on a leach and my speech was shite heading in. I had a seizure both yesterday and today. But I learned a lot and loved the experience. Sheba is, by the way, a star.

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