Friday, March 16, 2018

Clean Water!

I cannot believe the weather and the beauty of this island. I just can’t get over it. Thursday was brilliant and today is as lovely. I’m getting any Arts Council work done in between a shift of gardening.
Darrell seems to be back in earnest. He finishes sealing up the porch — and he did it beautifully — and today he’s cutting the hole in the door so Fred and Ethel can access the porch without cooling down the whole house because I leave the door ajar.
And I was thrilled to hear Darrell raise the subject of the courtyard. He’s doing some wheeling and dealing with the owners of Arbutus Lumber hoping to get a deal on the paving stones we need. I know I get excited about everything, but the courtyard — with its border garden, a tree and fountain — absolutely thrills me. It will pull the place together and clean up my trips to the outbuildings.
Thursday morning I went to the Welcome Wagon (W.W.) event at The Haven. It was my first visit to The Haven and I realized I’ve seen precious little of the island. The Haven is kind of a New Age retreat centre; we met in its theatre. It is quite an impressive and sprawling place.
The W.W. event was wonderful; it was fun, well organized and extremely practical. I’m going to have my car tuned up by a local company that was at the event; they have terrific community spirit and they filled me with confidence about the future care of my car. I’m also going to have my cistern cleaned; the fellow there was both funny and wonderfully informative.
I had lunch in town then came to free up Chalise and unpack all the free goodies and groceries I’d been given, and then I roared back to the village to get more plants.
The woman representing the group which husbands the trail network on Gabriola was at the W.W. event. Sadly, she proselytized against Daphne and said only Winter Daphne was acceptable on the island. Pooey. They also have banished Broom and I have a plant I cherish in my yard. It’s going to have to go and I hate that; I hate killing anything. I won’t even put a hook into trees for my hammock.
I registered for puppy training, too. We start March 22nd for six Thursday evenings.
I’ve already spent some $2,500 on my water system and I’m spending more. The water coming out of my bathroom smells dreadful so I’m having my cistern cleaned and treated with hydrogen peroxide. The things I am learning; I have pollen in my water and it stinks! I’m very happy to be doing this and I’m signing a maintenance contract with the company that uses only ecologically responsible cleaning materials and processes. (I scored the cleaner at the W.W. event!)

This necklace belonged to King Psusennes I of Egypt. It has two 
rows of lapis lazuli beads with two golden beads and the name of 
the king is found on the clasp.  It’s from the third Intermediate Period; 
21st Dynasty; ca. 1069-945 BC. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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