Monday, March 5, 2018


The Oscars were dull; everything, including the digs at Meryl Streep, was predictable.
Gary Oldman won Best Actor as predicted to the dismay of the #MeToo movement.
Guillermo del Toro’s win for Best Director and his picture’s win for Best Picture were overshadowed by the copyright infringement claim against him in the courts.
The things I liked were:
  • Kumail Nanjiani’s speech and sense of humour.
  • Andra Day’s jewelry. Just wow! (She sang Stand Up for Something from the movie, Marshall.)
  • Margot Robbie’s dress — actually, the straps.
  • The comedy of Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph. (I’ve always loved Maya Rudolph.)
  • All the shorts (animated and live action); based on their trailers shown on the show, I want to see them all somehow.
  • Rita Moreno. Did you notice her shoulders? The woman doesn’t age; she looked beautiful. And I loved seeing her scene from - as her introduction.

Today is sunny and it’s supposed to last a few days. It’s the warmer temperatures I like. It’s so much more comfortable hot tubbing. I’ve become an addict. Darrell is back to work on the porch and the stile today. My goals are simpler: Plant another Rhodo in Sheba’s interrupted Hole to China, tidy up the shed and do another quadrant on the Pinecone Park & Spa Sign.
Friday marks the end of my 23rd month with an impossible stutter; Wednesday marks the end of my 5th month living on Gabriola. Sunday is my favourite day of the year. It always has been, so I’m hosting a party.
This week’s big project is to choose the menu and prepare the food. Fine cuisine is a challenge on Gabriola, even with Nanaimo close by. They don’t have many of the ingredients I like — Kataifi for example. But I have a freezer, so come April I am going to go to Vancouver just to shop for the unavailable materials I like and stock up.
Patsy and Jay are coming. Patsy I’ve know of, but not known, has been my mentor here. Jay I met here. He’s the brother of a friend. Maggie and Michelle I don’t know at all. Michelle runs the Arts Council and Maggie is her partner. I met them through Patsy.

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