Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Recovery Day

Lydia and Steve. Taken in L.A. recently when Lydia visited Steve. 

Monday morning was grim. I missed Lydia and David and felt sick without Sheba. Taking Sheba in for surgery was tougher on me than her; she had no idea what she was in for, the poor puppy. She’ll have her stitches out the day before Beth’s visit.
Being with Lydia (and David) and talking at length on Skype with Steve about their other siblings, Ralph and Sandra —my “in laws” during the fourteen years I was with Steve — brought back sadness over our break up. The Schillings are family.
I spent the morning restoring order at Pinecone Park & Spa: Washing all the bedding etc. from the visit and piles of laundry, all the while feeling rather lost. I called Doug to follow-up on the non-delivery of the wood to arrange for him to come on Friday and I got three big planters (damaged; half-price) for the deck. I’m putting the Edgeworthia in them. I also ordered two The World Can Go To Hell lounge chairs for the deck.

I picked up Sheba at 4:00, poor girl. One nice adaptation is that I have her wearing one of my t-shirts instead of a stiff, horrid, stress-inducing collar; I’m just staying with her at all times to prevent her getting at her stitches. Each crisis — her disappearing, her surgery — deepens our bond as we recover together.
We just hung out together all evening and we went to bed super early.
Today is about her. It’s likely to rain so we’ll just chill together indoors. One great thing is that today began with her eating and drinking water. She’s sleeping a lot, which is excellent for recovery, and yet showing signs of vigorous vitality.
Yesterday, after instant re-bonding with David and Lydia, I felt lonely but today my enthusiasm for life alone at Pinecone Park & Spa is back. I have learned, however, that I really enjoy and need periodic company — hence the second WCGTH lounge chair.
Ross and Pam come to visit next week and Beth arrives for an extended stay the week after that. Beth arrives on the day of my last session with Dr. Shoja.
Today is overcast and fresh but I am keeping my door to the porch open for the cats. It’s mild enough to do that and I want to do yard work but feel I shouldn’t. I’m better staying at Sheba’s side. I’m far, far better than a collar; I keep her from licking herself but don’t impede her movement.

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